Apple Vision Pro Provided for Free for Innovators! Introducing the First STYLY Creator Co-Creation Program: “STYLY for Vision Pro Challenge”

STYLY, Inc. (in Tokyo, Japan) is thrilled to launch the “Creator Co-Creation Program,” pioneering new experiences in spatial computing. The first initiative, “STYLY for Vision Pro Challenge,” offers creators the opportunity to create content using “STYLY for Vision Pro” in a relay format with Apple Vision Pro devices provided at no cost*.



About the STYLY Co-Creation Program


This co-creation program supports content creation using the Apple Vision Pro and STYLY for Vision Pro, open to both individual creators and corporate creative teams, including production companies and businesses.


As the first initiative, we are launching the “STYLY for Vision Pro Challenge,” following the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro’s release in Japan on Tuesday, June 11, 2024. For this challenge, we will equip participating creators with the Apple Vision Pro for free, enabling them to develop content using STYLY for Vision Pro in a relay format.


Overview of the STYLY for Vision Pro Challenge

  • Content: Participants will receive an Apple Vision Pro for one month and access to a dedicated Discord server for support in content creation usi
    ng the STYLY for Vision Pro app. STYLY will also assist with article production and other outputs.
  • Application Method: After the informationalsession, a participation form for the co-creation program will be available
  • Eligibility: Creators interested in content creation using the Apple Vision Pro and STYLY for Vision Pro. This includes, but is not limited to, individuals working in gaming, film, and other industries beyond XR. Individual creators, business-affiliated creators, and production company representatives are all welcome to join the session.
    • This challenge is currently open to residents of Japan. However, we are considering expanding to international creators in the future.



Background of the Initiative


At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 11, 2024, Apple announced the release of the Apple Vision Pro in Japan. We believe that ongoing innovations and adoption of head-mounted displays will lead to widespread use of spatial computing technologies, transforming lifestyles globally.


Despite the potential, barriers such as technical challenges and high device costs remain. STYLY aims to address these by launching the “Co-Creation Program,” supporting creators across XR, gaming, film, and other industries to drive innovation.

We aim to engage creators in various collaborations and projects, including partnerships with STYLY’s partner companies and involvement as production partners in the “STYLY Spatial Computing Lab,” established in April 2024. T

hese collaborations will provide opportunities for creators to work on diverse initiatives and expand their creative horizons.

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About STYLY for Vision Pro

STYLY for Vision Pro is the Apple Vision Pro version of the globally acclaimed XR creation platform, STYLY, used by over 100,000 creators in 39 countries. It simplifies the development process by allowing creators to produce and distribute content without coding, using Unity as a base. Key features include multi-user sessions, image tracking, and environmental mesh functionalities, expanding the possibilities for creators.


STYLY is committed to expanding creative possibilities in spatial representation, creating use cases that connect to the lifestyles and businesses of the spatial computing era.



About STYLY, Inc.

STYLY, Inc. provides the spatial layer platform “STYLY” for the “Spatial Computing Era.” By focusing on spatial computing technologies, STYLY aims to unleash the creativity of individuals and businesses, contributing to the evolution of humanity by fostering new cultures and industries.

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