Application for Apple Vision Pro “STYLY for Vision Pro” Major Update with New Features Added

Expanding Creators’ Spatial Expression : Hand Tracking and Spatial Mesh Integration


Regarding “STYLY for Vision Pro” offered by STYLY Inc., two new features have been introduced: hand tracking and real-time mesh generation. These additions significantly expand the spatial expression capabilities for creators using STYLY for Vision Pro.


For details on the new features and production manual, please refer to the following link:



New Features

The following features have been updated in STYLY for Vision Pro:


◆Hand Tracking

  • Users of Apple Vision Pro can now engage in hand-based interactions such as having objects follow their hand movements, grabbing objects, and pressing buttons.
  • This update allows creators to offer a more interactive spatial experience for users.


◆Real-time Mesh Generation:

  • A new feature has been added that allows the real-time generation of 3D models of real-world objects and environments.
  • By detecting walls and floors and creating 3D models in real-time, it enables the reflection of the physical space in virtual content.

These features significantly reduce prototyping time, enabling creators to quickly validate their concepts.



About STYLY for Vision Pro


STYLY for Vision Pro is the Apple Vision Pro version of “STYLY,” an XR creation platform beloved by over 100,000 creators in 39 countries worldwide.

STYLY for Vision Pro enables the development of digital content for Apple Vision Pro without coding, using Unity as a base. It simplifies the typically labor-intensive process of content creation and distribution. Additionally, it includes features such as multi-user sessions, image tracking, and environmental mesh, broadening the scope of creative expression for creators.


STYLY will continue to expand the range of spatial expression for creators and work on creating use cases that connect to the lifestyle and business of the spatial computing era.