STYLY Leading the Future of Sustainable Urban Development with XR Technology – Revolutionizing Urban Landscapes with STYLY –

【Key Highlights】

  • STYLY’s groundbreaking approach at AWE highlights the company’s role as a pioneer in the intersection of technology and urban sustainability, setting the stage for a future where advanced XR solutions drive the growth of smarter, greener cities.
  • STYLY aims to be the core of city infrastructure, enhancing urban living with advanced XR technology.
  • STYLY is uniquely positioned to lead this initiative with its experience in platform provision, creator economy, and XR entertainment projects,
  • STYLY launched STYLY Spatial Computing Lab (SSCL) in Japan to drive Vision Pro compatible development.
  • STYLY welcomes global partners to join our Proof of Concept (PoC) program.




STYLY for Sustainable Future


Revolutionizing Urban Landscapes with STYLY

Where XR-Driven Innovation Meets Sustainable Future

Imagine a world where XR technology drives the development of sustainable cities. STYLY, a pioneering spatial computing platform, is dedicated to creating a sustainable future by seamlessly merging the digital and physical realms. STYLY is revolutionizing spatial city infrastructure as an advanced operating system, collaborating with visionary creators worldwide to deliver unparalleled, location-based experiences.

Envision cities where STYLY transforms urban landscapes into dynamic, interactive spaces. Advertisements and urban content will be digitized, seamlessly blending with the physical environment. As visitors explore these places, they will receive personalized information, transforming every experience unique and enriching. STYLY will create an urban environment that is not only simple and efficient but also vibrant and engaging.

The content on STYLY is a product of global co-creation, ensuring that cities are infused with diverse information, culture, and art. This rich tapestry of experiences will attract people, foster industrial growth, and create communities where innovation thrives.

Join us in implementing STYLY in your city, and together, let’s build a sustainable and vibrant future.


STYLY’s groundbreaking approach at AWE highlights the company’s role as a pioneer in the intersection of technology and urban sustainability, setting the stage for a future where advanced XR solutions drive the growth of smarter, greener cities.



Project details

STYLY’s unique position stems from its extensive experience in platform provision, creator economy development, and location-based XR entertainment projects. This rich background equips STYLY with the expertise to drive sustainable urban development initiatives effectively. Success stories such as, such as the NIIGATA XR PROJECT and MIRAI HANABI project, showcase STYLY’s ability to implement innovative solutions.



The NIIGATA XR PROJECT is a groundbreaking initiative in which Niigata City has adopted STYLY as its official platform, empowering citizens to create and implement industrial and cultural content. This project includes developing 3D maps of the city, nurturing local creators, establishing subsidies, and producing XR content that highlights Niigata’s rich culture. Niigata City is now the leading city in Japan with XR technology, ensuring a sustainable supply of local content.



MIRAI HANABI powered by STYLY is a cutting-edge XR entertainment experience that transforms commercial venues with AR fireworks, illuminations, and music. Utilizing the STYLY spatial layer platform, it transforms these spaces by bringing together world-class music and XR creators to develop immersive content. This initiative creates a new realm for creative expression, especially in urban areas where traditional fireworks are impractical. It highlights the potential for commercial facility promotions, including AR advertising, offering a unique event experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional entertainment. This represents an innovative fusion of technology and artistic creativity within commercial settings.



Integration with Vision Pro

STYLY for Vision Pro is the Apple Vision Pro version of the globally acclaimed XR creation platform, STYLY, used by over 100,000 creators in 39 countries. It simplifies the development process by allowing creators to produce and distribute content without coding, using Unity as a base. Key features include multi-user sessions, image tracking, and environmental mesh functionalities, expanding the possibilities for creators.

STYLY is committed to expanding creative possibilities in spatial representation, creating use cases that connect to the lifestyles and businesses of the spatial computing era.


Join Us in Shaping the Future

STYLY invites cities worldwide to join this revolutionary journey. By implementing STYLY’s platform, cities can transform into smart, sustainable hubs that offer personalized, optimized information to residents and visitors alike. This initiative promotes environmental sustainability and enriches urban life with a wealth of cultural and artistic content created in collaboration with global creators.


Welcome Visionary Partners

In conjunction with the AWE announcement, STYLY is actively seeking global partners for Proof of Concept (PoC) collaborations. These partnerships aim to explore and expand the potential applications of XR technology in urban settings, fostering a new era of sustainable city development.


Contact Information

For more information or partnership inquiries, please contact:



About STYLY, Inc.

STYLY, Inc. provides the spatial layer platform “STYLY” for the “Spatial Computing Era.” By focusing on spatial computing technologies, STYLY aims to unleash the creativity of individuals and businesses, contributing to the evolution of humanity by fostering new cultures and industries.


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