Launching the STYLY Spatial Computing Lab: Co-Creation for Next-Generation Business in the Spatial Computing Era

– Promoting use case creation and social implementation with Apple Vision Pro –


STYLY, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan), KDDI Corporation (Chiyoda, Tokyo), and J. Front Retailing Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa, Tokyo) are proud to announce the launch of the STYLY Spatial Computing Lab (SSCL) on April 24, 2024. The SSCL, a co-creation open innovation lab, aims to foster the creation of businesses for the spatial computing era. Utilizing the XR platform “STYLY”, SSCL will conduct research and development from creating use cases for Apple Vision Pro to social implementation.



As a strategic partner, the tech culture media “WIRED” Japan (Condé Nast Japan) will join to provide insights into global tech trends, editorial perspectives on use cases, and support information dissemination for the participating partners.


Combining the creative power of STYLY’s 90,000+ global creator community, the editorial strength of “WIRED” Japan, KDDI’s entertainment content capabilities and technology in metaverse/Web3 services, and J. Front Retailing’s customer touchpoints through real assets, the lab aims to promote new lifestyle content on Apple Vision Pro.


Starting today, SSCL is also opening recruitment of participating companies. Co-Creation and Production Partners will receive extensive support through production assistance and business development facilitated by the four founding members.



Background of Establishment


In February 2024, the launch of Apple’s spatial computer “Apple Vision Pro” in the USA has set the stage for further innovation and adoption of head-mounted displays worldwide, predicting significant lifestyle changes and business opportunities similar to those seen with the introduction of iPhone.


However, the complexity of understanding spatial computing concepts and the barriers to entry into this unexplored market mean that businesses face challenges in entering alone.


Therefore, by leveraging the strengths and insights of each company, the SSCL aims to explore and deliver new lifestyle content in the spatial computing era, both domestically and internationally.



Roles of 4 Founding Partners


STYLY (Host):

  • General contact and management of SSCL
  • Provision of XR platform “STYLY”
  • Consulting and production of XR content
  • Various information dissemination activities


WIRED Japan (Strategic Partner):

  • Research on the spatial computing market
  • Design and management of content detailing workshops
  • Information dissemination through tech culture media  “WIRED”Japan


KDDI (Co-Creation Partner):

  • Provision of advanced communication networks like 5G SA for high-definition XR content
  • Collaboration on XR technologies such as spatial transmission and spatial audio expression
  • Content partnership collaboration centered around video services such as TELASA
  • Technical cooperation for metaverse and Web3 services such as αU
  • Offering existing customer touchpoints like au Smart Pass Premium


J.Front Retailing (Co-Creation Partner):

  • Providing customer touchpoints through commercial facilities such as “PARCO,” “DAIMARU,” and “Matsuzakaya”
  • Offering content development expertise gained through commercial facility operations
  • Implementation and testing of new lifestyle content prototypes



Implementation of the STYLY Spatial Computing Lab (SSCL) Activities


(1)Provision of Spatial Computing Market Research Reports
The SSCL, in collaboration with WIRED Japan, will provide exclusive research reports on the spatial computing market. These reports, edited from a media perspective, offer crucial insights into market trends and are instrumental in understanding the evolving landscape of spatial computing.


(2)Content Detailing Workshops
We support the entire process from desktop research for use case creation to conducting workshops, policy formulation, and project planning. These workshops are designed to refine and tailor content strategies effectively.


Utilizing the STYLY platform, prototyping is carried out based on the concepts developed during the content detailing workshops. Feedback from internal and external user experience sessions is used to refine and concretize use cases for the era of spatial computing.


(4)Creating Opportunities to Experience Apple Vision Pro
Under the support of SSCL, participating companies will have the freedom to develop and utilize the spatial computer ‘Apple Vision Pro’. Additionally, opportunities for public demonstrations and proof-of-concept experiments will be made available to showcase the capabilities of this innovative technology.


(5)Community Engagement Among Participating Companies
SSCL facilitates networking by hosting regular events, providing a platform for collaboration and exchange among participating companies.


(6)Information Dissemination Centered on WIRED Japan
Activities and developments within the SSCL will be featured in WIRED Japan, serving as a central medium for communication. Additionally, through SSCL’s owned media and press releases, we aim to reach a wider audience both domestically and internationally.



Comments from Each Company


Ryohei Watanabe, Executive Officer/CMO/Director, STYLY Spatial Computing Lab, STYLY, Inc.

“Since our foundation in 2016, STYLY has been committed to creating an era where ‘space is a part of our attire,’ eagerly anticipating the arrival of MR devices for daily use. With the launch of the Apple Vision Pro in February 2024, we feel that the era of spatial computing, where space becomes wearable, is finally upon us. Our platform development and creator cultivation have lowered the barriers to content delivery, facilitating connections between businesses, creators, and end-users. Now, the focus shifts to creating use cases. We look forward to exploring various contents that envision a next-generation lifestyle with our partners, setting new standards for the future.”



Michiaki Matsushima, Head of Editorial Content, WIRED Japan, Condé Nast Japan LLC

“Born during the dawn of the internet 30 years ago, WIRED was the first media to introduce online banner advertising. A new paradigm shift is upon us, potentially marking the start of the ‘digital revolution’ for future generations. Collaborating with STYLY, we are excited to explore and implement the true impact of spatial computing. This lab promises to foster innovations and ideas that will define the next 30 years.”





Manabu Sano, Group Leader, Business Development G, au Smart Pass Strategy Department, Personal Business Unit, KDDI Corporation

“Since the beginning of our 5G services, we have partnered with STYLY to produce exciting experiences in entertainment and sports. The launch of Apple Vision Pro provides a perfect opportunity to elevate these experiences to the next level. We will continue to collaborate with our partners in the lab to enhance content attractiveness with new technologies and remain committed to challenging various aspects of the XR field.”





Naotaka Hayashi, Executive Officer and Director of Digital Strategy, J. Front Retailing Co., Ltd., and Director, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co., Ltd.

“Since 2017, we have collaborated with STYLY in the XR field, mutually anticipating the era of ‘wearing space.’ With the launch of Apple Vision Pro, this movement is gaining real momentum. Through this lab, we aim to enhance the value of space by integrating technologies such as AR and MR, exploring how to elevate the unique value of ‘LBX (Location Based Experience)’ that can only be achieved by visiting specific locations.”







About Recruitment of Co-Creation and Production Partners


Co-Creation Partners:
SSCL is seeking companies interested in entering the spatial computing market. Utilizing STYLY we will support comprehensive development, from creating use cases for Apple Vision Pro to business development, with the cooperation of our existing and future members.


Production Partners:
In addition to co-creation partner recruitment, we are actively seeking production partners with the capability to develop XR content using the ‘STYLY’ platform.


Interested companies are invited to contact us through our official website


Company Overviews


■ STYLY, Inc.

STYLY is a technology company providing the XR platform “STYLY” for the era of spatial pomputing. The company leverages XR technology as a main axis to liberate human and corporate creativity, aiming to contribute to the evolution of humanity and the creation of new cultures and industries.



WIRED is the essential source of reporting and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. Part of the Condé Nast portfolio, WIRED leads the conversation on how technology is changing every aspect of our lives—from business and politics to culture and science.

Japan Official Site:
Magazine Details:


■KDDI Corporation
KDDI is telecommunication service provider in Japan, offering 5G and IoT services to a multitude of individual and corporate customers within and outside Japan through its “au”, “UQ mobile” and “povo” brands. In the Mid-Term Management Strategy (FY23.3–FY25.3), KDDI is promoting the Satellite Growth Strategy to strengthen the 5G-driven evolution of its telecommunications business and the expansion of focus areas centered around telecommunications. In addition, KDDI places “sustainability management” that aims to achieve the sustainable growth of society and the enhancement of corporate value together with our partners at the core of the Mid-Term Management Strategy. By harnessing the characteristics of 5G in order to bring about an evolution of the power to connect, KDDI is working toward an era of the creation of new value.


■J. Front Retailing Co., Ltd.
J. Front Retailing operates a range of businesses including Daimaru Matsuzakaya department stores and Parco shopping centers in major cities nationwide, as well as development, construction, credit financing, and trading. Under the vision of inventing “new forms of happiness in life,” it aims to produce rich lifestyles and create unique communities that coexist with local areas.



About STYLY Spatial Computing Lab

The STYLY Spatial Computing Lab is a co-creation open innovation lab proposing new lifestyles through business creation in the era of spatial computing, with Apple Vision Pro as the target device. As spatial displays become more prevalent, transforming everyday life into entertainment, the lab aims to propose the XR transformation of people’s lifestyle interfaces in collaboration with various partners.


Contact for Inquiries:
STYLY, Inc., Misa Iioka


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