STYLY Shines as Finalist in 5 Categories at the Global XR Event AWE AUGGIE AWARDS 2024!

STYLY has advanced to the finalist stage in five categories at the prestigious AUGGIE AWARDS 2024, part of the world’s largest AR/VR conference, AWE.


Thanks to everyone who voted for us. The winners will be announced during the event’s awards ceremony.




The Auggie Awards are global awards held within the world’s largest AR/VR conference, AWE (Augmented World Expo). With over a decade of history, AWE is the leading XR conference and expo globally. Conferences are held four times a year in Silicon Valley, Munich, the Asia region, and Tel Aviv, with the event in the United States being the largest in the industry. Additionally, AWE has meetup chapters in countries around the world, including Japan, actively hosting local events.



Finalist Categories



・Project partner:JFR
・XR Creator:Kaoru Naito
・Music:Hideki Matsutake

MIRAI HANABI powered by STYLY is a cutting-edge XR entertainment that elevates commercial venues with AR fireworks, illuminations, and music. Through the spatial layer platform “STYLY,” it mediafies these spaces, bringing together world-class music and XR creators to develop content. This initiative creates a new arena for creative expression, particularly in urban areas where launching actual fireworks is impractical. It showcases the potential of commercial facility promotions, including AR advertising, offering a unique event experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional entertainment. This represents an innovative blend of technology and artistic creativity in commercial settings.



■Best Indie Creator(s)「NEWVIEW PROJECT」

・Project partner:PARCO、Loftwork

NEWVIEW is an experimental project and community that simultaneously unfolds globally, bringing together individuals embodying modern culture in fashion, music, film, and graphics. It is dedicated to pioneering and expanding creative expression and experiential design in three-dimensional spaces. Utilizing the spatial layer platform ‘STYLY,’ NEWVIEW facilitates an XR school and hosts global awards. To date, this community has expanded to 39 countries worldwide.



■Best Creator & Authoring Tool「STYLY」

STYLY Studio is for creating and editing XR scenes on web browsers. Users can upload and place 3D models and images, or upload content created in Unity.
It features city-templates from around the world, enabling the creation of AR scenes that perfectly fit these cities without markers.
By simply placing AR on Sky assets from STYLY Studio, AR scenes can be displayed in the sky only, allowing users to easily create scenes replacing the sky with illustrations, photos, or paintings, and produce large objects, mimicking anime scenes or simple urban AR.



■Best Consumer App「STYLY App」

STYLY is a content creation and distribution tool for urban and living spaces, allowing users to enjoy all kinds of XR content.
We have a global community of over 100,000 creators, with more than 200,000 digital contents distributed.
Various XR contents such as art, music and fashion posted by creators and businesses around the world can be enjoyed alone or shared with friends.



■Best Enterprise Solution「Morita Digital Solution XR powered by STYLY」

・Project partner:MORITA

Morita Digital Solution XR powered by STYLY offers a mobile presentation ideal for dental labs within clinics, enhancing workflows through XR technology. It combines AR overviews with VR walkthroughs of full-scale labs, delivering an intuitive understanding beyond what traditional blueprints can provide. Enhanced by AI voiceovers and interactive displays, it reduces dependence on individual sales skills and allows for presentations anywhere, broadening opportunities to propose entire rooms as products. This portable experience expands the potential for presenting immovable room setups as tangible offerings.



STYLY’s Exhibit at AWE


Details about STYLY’s exhibit will be announced in due course.

With the advent of Apple Vision Pro, further proliferation of spatial computing devices and market expansion is expected. At AWE, STYLY, which has long envisioned “an era of spatial computing,” will showcase its platform offerings, XR creator development, and location-based projects, along with future initiatives for shaping a new era. Please stay tuned for further updates.