Spatial Layer Platform STYLY Announces Capital and Business Alliance with Real Estate Developer ES-CON JAPAN to Accelerate Urban XR/Spatial Computing Ventures

Aiming to Create Experiential Media using XR in Commercial Facilities


STYLY, Inc. (Tokyo, CEO: Masahiro Yamaguchi) is pleased to announce a capital and business alliance with ES-CON JAPAN Ltd. (Minato, Tokyo, CEO: Takatoshi Ito), aiming to accelerate its XR/spatial computing business in urban areas.


STYLY, Inc. provide and develop the spatial layer platform “STYLY”.


Through capital and business alliance rounds, we have collaborated with commercial facility/real estate developers, railway companies, media, and IP holders who have invested in us to provide various contents utilizing XR in music, video, art, sports, and entertainment.


In collaboration, moving forward, we will target commercial facilities and stadiums owned by ES-CON JAPAN Ltd., accelerating our spatial computing business using XR technology, and advancing our collaboration towards creating experiential media


Comments from Both Companies


■ES-CON JAPAN Ltd., CEO Takatoshi Ito

Our real estate business, which focuses on tangible assets, and XR technology aimed at virtual spaces, are inherently compatible. We aim to challenge the creation of new spatial value and foot traffic by providing added value using XR in the atriums and idle spaces of our commercial facilities. Our vision is to be a ‘Life Developer,’ developing life itself. Through our capital and business alliance with STYLY, Inc., we are committed to integrating XR into people’s lives, leading to the realization of new ideals.


■STYLY, Inc., CEO Masahiro Yamaguchi

On February 2, 2024, the spatial computer Apple Vision Pro was released in the United States, signaling the beginning of an era where incorporating XR/spatial computing into our daily lives becomes the norm. With the slogan “IDEAL to REAL – Materializing ideals to create a new future,” we are both excited and confident that our business will significantly accelerate through our capital and business alliance with ES-CON JAPAN, which aims to realize ideal living and ideal cities through comprehensive real estate business.



ES-CON JAPAN focuses its operations on condominium sales, complemented by the development of local-centric commercial facilities, hotels, and logistics facilities, as well as engaging in urban development projects. 

Additionally, with the opening of the new stadium “ES-CON FIELD HOKKAIDO” for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters in March 2023, we’ve been actively involved in developing the town and reviving the area. This effort is part of the Hokkaido Ballpark F Village, a project focused on the new stadium.



About STYLY, Inc.

STYLY is a spatial layer platform for the “Spatial Computing” era, bridging digital and physical realms. It enables the creation and distribution of digital content targeting both public layers in urban spaces and facilities and personal layers around the individual.


Headquarters: 1-34-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 24th Sky Building 4F

CEO: Masahiro Yamaguchi




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