Trans-dimensional Motorsport utilizing the latest technologies, AIR RACE X is set to take the 2024 series by storm with 3 races confirmed!

The “Trans-dimensional Motorsport” AIR RACE X series for 2024 has officially been confirmed.


AIR RACE X is an aerial motorsport utilizing the latest technologies, where pilots with the world’s best flying skills compete remotely in terms of precision and time in operating race-specialized small aircraft under extreme conditions of up to 400 km/h top speeds and up to 12G of acceleration forces.


Pilots will fly actual racetracks set up at various locations globally, competing for best times in a remote format. This is achievable using precise flight data collected by sensors mounted on their aircraft, accurate to a 3 cm margin of error.


The 2024 series will feature 8 pilots from around the world, with 3 races scheduled: Remote Rounds in May and September, which can be watched via online streaming, and a Digital Round in October, which can be experienced in XR in addition to being online streaming.


This year will be historic, as for the first time, not only will each individual race winner be determined, but the pilot who earns the most points throughout the season will be crowned the Series Champion.

AIR RACE X pilots compete on identical racetracks set up at various global locations and compete on times in a remote format.


The “Digital Round” is designed according to the actual cityscape of the host city, where in the final tournament aircraft appear in the city streets through the spatial layer platform “STYLY’s” XR technology (AR/VR/MR), allowing viewers to watch the thrilling race up close via mobile devices or head-mounted displays.


This season also introduces the newly established “Remote Round,” which does not specify a particular host city, and with fewer physical constraints allows for a variety of racetracks to be designed, further testing team strategies and pilots’ flying skills.



For the AIR RACE X 2024 series, 8 pilots from 6 countries with the highest level of flying skills in the world will participate.


■Comments from Yoshihide Muroya

This year is a series competition, and the overall strength of the teams will be tested. We are making steady preparations to win the series championship.I am looking forward to seeing how the results of our research and development, such as improvements in aerodynamics and pilot support systems will translate into faster times.I am excited for the 2024 season with our rival teams.


■Comments from Emma McDonald

It is an honor to be selected to participate in Air Race X. I am the newcomer of all the race pilots as this will be my first race. I am racing against some of the biggest players in air racing history. I am in awe; I get to compete alongside them including my mentor and supporter Matt Hall. My objective is to get comfortable on the track to bring a safe and competitive track time to the score board.



In the first-ever “AIR RACE X Shibuya Digital Round” held in October 2023; heated battles unfolded from the qualifiers.

In particular, the third-place playoff between Matt Hall, the 2019 Red Bull Air Race World Champion, and Juan Velarde of Spain was a close contest, with Matt Hall winning by a mere 0.023 seconds.


Despite being a remote competition, intense race developments were made possible by AIR RACE X’s highly precise flight data measurement technology, a unique algorithm that automatically assigns handicap times based on the flight location and weather information.



By merging actual flights with the latest digital technologies, AIR RACE X has established a new race format and viewing style, unprecedented in the sports industry. This innovation in sports was recognized with the “Pioneer Award” at the “SPORTS INNOVATION STUDIO Contest” co-hosted by the Japan Sports Agency and Scrum Studio, Inc.


AIR RACE X continues to revolutionize the motorsports industry with its groundbreaking competition style that defies convention.


For more details on this series exciting race schedule, race format, and pilot profiles, please visit the AIR RACE X official website:


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